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Paper Bullets

the writings of Cassandra

17 August
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This is a graphics journal, for icons, colourbars, and the like. My personal journal is roguebelle. My writing (fiction and poetry) journal is alyxbradford

Looking for something specific? All graphics are cross-referenced by genre under "Memories."

Please comment if you take any of my icons. Credit is greatly appreciated, but not necessary, as what could I really do to force you, anyway? No direct linking -- bandwidth stealers will be strung up by their toes and tickled by lemurs.



Credits: I use brushes from Lush, Gail's, Darian, Starry-Sky, Studio911, Slovenly-Artist, Celestial-Star, myrasis, masquerademasks, rough_draft___, _diversion, ewanism, x_ohmyfluff, and my_wonderful

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